Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bolinas Museum's 21 Annual Mini Show opens

This weekend the 21st Annual Mini Show opened at the Bolinas Museum with over 200 small scale pieces of art, 6"x6" maximum dimensions including frames. Every year over 80 artists are invited to show their creations in the museum's art show fundraiser. I have been a participant for over 10 years, and every year I look forward to creating my smallest paintings of the year, 3"x4" and 3"x5".

All the artwork is beautifully displayed and you will want to spend some time looking at each and every one. Maybe you will find the perfect little piece of art to give to that special person on your holiday gift list.
Bring your kids, they will have fun picking out their favorite painting and taking a walk on the beach afterwards.

The show will be open through December 30th. Please visit the museum website for more information.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holton Studio Show - "A Heaven in the Eye"

The opening for the current landscape show at Holton Studio, A Heaven in the Eye, took place last Saturday, Nov. 14th. The show features 7 Northern California landscape painters: Kevin Courter, Christin Coy, Mark Farina, Paul Kratter, Terry Miura, Robin Moore, Brian Mark Taylor. Tim Holton has assembled a strong show of landscape paintings, all beautifully framed in his Craftsman style frames, each one custom built to suite the painting it surrounds. The gallery is open daily and is located in Emeryville. Please visit the website for more information. http:/

Friday, July 3, 2009

Marin County Fair - Plein Air Event

Marin County Fair - Plein Air Painting Event
by Christin Coy on 7/3/2009 12:23:21 AM
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The Marin County Fair opened yesterday with beautiful weather and a big crowd. It was my first time participating in the Marin Arts Council's Annual Plein Air Event held at the fair grounds. We had an orientation meeting and the official stamping of the canvases at 10 A.M. followed by a group photo of all the participating artists, 35 strong.

Next we all scattered to find our inspiring painting locations. Wow, what an overwhelming place the Fair
was. There were bright colors bursting out everywhere, a real feast for the eyes! I went hunting for the perfect spot in the shade where I could paint some of the brightly striped tents with all the venders selling their wares. It took some walking around until I found the spot that met all my criteria. It was under a tree in the amusement park area with lots of kids everywhere. The first day of the fair kids under 12 got in free. Several of the young kids came over to see what I was doing and many of them said that they also loved to make art. I was having a great time in the midst of all the excited crowds, it really felt like summer!

I finished my first painting, then took a break for lunch. It was 2 P.M. and I had time for another attempt before we had to turn in the paintings to be judged at 5 P.M. I decided to stay put since I was all set up and still had shade from the little tree I huddled under. This time I painted a long horizontal with yellow, red and blue striped tents. When I was done, I really needed a break and to sit down and put my sunglasses back on. My eyes were pretty tired after hours of painting.

All the artists lined up their paintings inside the exhibition hall and left the judges to their business of selecting their favorites. After an hour they announced the winners, starting with merit awards and so on. To my unexpected surprise the last painting I completed, "Red, Yellow and Blue", won 2nd place!
The evening was topped off with some of the most spectacular fire works display that we had ever seen.

If you go to the Marin County Fair this 4th of July week-end make sure you stop in at the Exhibition Hall that has all the flower and plant displays. In amongst the plants you'll see lots of newly completed plein air paintings on display. Have fun!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Plein Air Painting at Lake Tahoe

In mid June Richard and I spent five days visiting our friend Michele deBraganca in Carnelian Bay, Lake Tahoe. We painted together along the shores of the lake with spectacular views. 

Every day we checked the weather and the prediction was for scattered thunder storms. We seemed to luck out though and only had a little rain shower with some hail one of the days. The skies were filled with great clouds of every size and shape which made for interesting subject matter. Blue skies can be so boring when you are a landscape painter. All the mountain tops were still covered with snow which made me think that I was painting in my home land of Norway. The cool, cloudy weather made it even more like being there. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

We also spent one day painting in Squaw Valley with our friend Andy Skaff, a local painter who creates magnificent paintings of aspen trees. We will be painting with Michele, Andy and 30 other artists in the second week of September at the North Tahoe Plein Air event at North Star. Mark your calenders and come up for a visit. The show will be held in conjunction with a Wine Festival that same week end. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Landscape Oil Painting Class in Marin, CA

Christin at her Easel
May 1, 2009 began a new chapter in my professional life with my move into a new studio at the Isabel Cook Center in San Anselmo, CA.  It was originally a large classroom in a local school, but now it is a community building that houses non-profits and other artist studios.

Part of my studio is my working space and part is an open area that I will be using for teaching intermediate level artists that wish to paint landscapes in oil and want to be part of a mentoring situation on a regular basis. I will only be accepting six students so that personal attention is assured. 

Having painted in Marin for more than 15 years, I have grown to know the landscape here intimately. Click here if you want further information.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's "Ranches & Rolling Hills" time...

It's once again "Ranches and Rolling Hills" time of the year for me. As soon as Spring shows it's face with those iridescent green hills and fields, I know it's time to start entering my ranch and critter painting mode. I love the opportunity MALT presents me to paint animals once again. I get to visit some of my favorite ranches and try to capture some images of cows and sheep that will inspire me to paint them. 

This year I made a visit to the Poncia Ranch in Tomales and enjoyed catching up on the latest animal news there. Al told me he rescued a new born calf he found in the field and decided to name the pure black calf Obama. He said they call him Obaba's Mama! Al has a flock of sheep also and last year my painting of "Torpedo" made headlines at the show. This year I have focused on portraying more of the flock and enjoy painting the sheep together as they graze peacefully across the Poncia Ranch hillsides.

I also made a visit to my favorite ranch, the Gale Ranch, in Cheleno Valley. Sally has 7 pregnant sheep grazing in her pasture, and yes I was inspired to paint this painting of the "Three Pregnant Sisters". They have since had their lambs, 2 each!