Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's "Ranches & Rolling Hills" time...

It's once again "Ranches and Rolling Hills" time of the year for me. As soon as Spring shows it's face with those iridescent green hills and fields, I know it's time to start entering my ranch and critter painting mode. I love the opportunity MALT presents me to paint animals once again. I get to visit some of my favorite ranches and try to capture some images of cows and sheep that will inspire me to paint them. 

This year I made a visit to the Poncia Ranch in Tomales and enjoyed catching up on the latest animal news there. Al told me he rescued a new born calf he found in the field and decided to name the pure black calf Obama. He said they call him Obaba's Mama! Al has a flock of sheep also and last year my painting of "Torpedo" made headlines at the show. This year I have focused on portraying more of the flock and enjoy painting the sheep together as they graze peacefully across the Poncia Ranch hillsides.

I also made a visit to my favorite ranch, the Gale Ranch, in Cheleno Valley. Sally has 7 pregnant sheep grazing in her pasture, and yes I was inspired to paint this painting of the "Three Pregnant Sisters". They have since had their lambs, 2 each!